People are discovering and connecting with businesses online more than ever before. Ensuring your advertising campaigns reach your desired audiences means deploying a range of digital media strategies and tactics to maximize engagement, leads and sales.

At Olomana Loomis, we work with you to create compelling digital marketing and advertising campaigns that reach and engage audiences, and motivate their decisions and actions. We partner with Goodway Group, a leader in cutting-edge digital media technologies and analytics, to provide highly effective precision targeting and highly efficient, no-waste media buys for maximum ROI on your advertising dollars.

Digital advertising with Olomana Loomis and Goodway Group provides:  

  • Proprietary targeting abilities that outperform more typical digital media placement strategies
  • Expertise based on Goodway Group’s more than 200 data partnerships integrated into its demand-side platform (DSP) technology, as well as a large database of online behaviors, purchase data, predictive signals, deterministic data and customizations through its exclusive partnership with best-in-class data providers
  • Real-time dashboards that go far beyond tracking impressions and clicks to provide real bottom line value for your business. 

This proprietary data science, that enables smarter targeting, combined with the collective digital media buying power spells superior efficacy and value.

In partnership with Goodway, we provide a holistic approach to digital media across search, social and programmatic. As the digital media channel landscape continues to evolve – with display, mobile, video, advanced TV, search, social, audio, and more – come talk to us, and we can help you re-evaluate your digital marketing and media mix for even better results.

Please let us know how we can assist you.