Connecting virtually and immersively to grow your business


Virtually connecting with others in real-time is the new norm. But how do you ensure truly immersive experiences and visceral engagement that can scale beyond small groups to community events, trade shows, industry conferences and performing arts events? And, importantly, how do you prolong engagement beyond the event experience to build relationships with participants?

Olomana Loomis ISC has partnered with TRIMM – our fellow ICOM digital marketing agency in Amsterdam – to offer an immersive, scalable virtual event and integrated digital platform called KākouConnect. “Kākou,” in Hawaiian, means “we” or “all of us.” KākouConnect starts with understanding how people experience community and truly feel connected with one another despite physical separation.

This scalable digital platform lets you connect in real time with prospective customers, stakeholders and visitors who will experience your offerings and interact with you and your featured speakers or performers through multiple live streams and pre-recorded video feeds. It can be customized for hybrid use in situations where there is a combination of in-person and virtual interactions. It can also include eCommerce options for merchants as an additional feature for participants to experience and purchase products. And, because KākouConnect is online, it can be used to virtually connect island-wide, statewide, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Best of all, our suite of digital marketing tools lets you engage with customers and prospects after your event is over, to build your brand and customer database. Whether you are planning or rethinking your community event, festival, trade show, conference, workshop series, or performing arts event, come talk to us. We’d be happy to help.