Merging Art & Science

In today’s 24/7, short-attention-span, technologically driven and globally connected world, standing out and differentiating your organization, services or cause in a compelling way that attracts, engages and resonates with prospective customers, employees and supporters can be more challenging than ever.

Identifying, targeting and sharing your story with the right audiences, at the right time and in the right way that moves hearts, minds and decisions — while building trust — is what Olomana Loomis ISC specializes in.

We love to combine the power of data with creativity. Our data-driven campaigns merge art and science to move strong ideas to market and grow distinctive brands. ROI, KPI, CRM, SEO, SEM — all music to our ears, as are POV, DSLR, RGB and CMYK. (Okay, enough with the acronyms.)

Creating authentic, compelling stories that inspire and connect deeply with people and values to drive action is our sweet spot.

We know that life and business are dynamic, and we are flexible to partner with you at any level and in any way that you need. Ideation. Strategy. Planning. Research. Execution. Evaluation. Mitigation.

What drives us is making a positive difference for your organization and for the community.

Data-Driven Marketing

Inbound Marketing
Digital Marketing: Web, Search, Email, Mobile, Social Media
Market Research
Recruitment Marketing

Brand Strategy

Essence, Values
Identity, Positioning

Strategic Communications

Reputation Management
Public Relations
Internal Communications
Crisis Communications

Business Counsel

Influencer Engagement
Multicultural Engagement
Strategic Planning
Organizational Development
Nonprofit Fund Development


Digital Advertising
Social Media Ads
Traditional: TV, Radio, Print


Multimedia Design
Motion Graphics/Animation
Graphic Design, Collateral, Signage
Infographic Design


Long-format videos
Short-format videos
Social media videos

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